A322 Capabilities

Training applications covered:
• Jet Transition Training
• Jet Orientation Training
• Multi Crew Coordination Training (MCC)
• Enhanced MCC Training to Airline Pilot Standards (APS MCC)
• Procedural and SOPs training
• Crew Resource Management Training (CRM)
• Systems Familiarization
• Instrument Training including Glass Cockpit Familiarization
• Emergency Response Procedures Training
• Threat and Error Management

Flight Deck Specification

• OEM A320 professional Side Sticks
• High quality Panels
• Dual-linked self-centering rudder pedals with toe brakes & control loading.
• Thrust levers complete with reverse levers, motorized trim wheels.
• Flap levers and speedbrakes.
• Tiller (CPT and FO), parking brake and alternate gear extension handle
• Electrical Captain and Copilot seats
• Intercom system for communications between pilots and instructor
• Pressurised Quick Donning Oxygen masks

ELITE A322 FNPT II MCC BrochureVisual System

• 6.5m wide professional projection screen
• 220 degrees horizontal and 45 degrees vertical FoV
• Three overhead projectors with blending
• 5760 x 1080 pixels (6.2 million pixels)
• Eye Point Adjustment through IOS station

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